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Crime Free Multi-Housing Program - Crime Free Rental Housing

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A Program for Single-Family Rentals

Increasingly, crime problems migrate from apartment communities to single family home rentals. This is especially true for organized crime, marijuana growers, methamphetamine labs, drug sales, and gang activity. These crimes prefer the privacy, extra storage, and absence of daily onsite property management. Blight and increased foot and vehicle traffic often accompanies this type of activity. This often results in neighborhood discord and increased instances of neighbor disputes.

Private landlords of these properties soon find that the problems associated with serious criminal activity are beyond their ability to control. These problems cannot be solved by law enforcement intervention alone because of landlord-tenant and privacy laws. The best approach to solving these problems requires a community-based solution like the Crime Free Rental Housing Program.

Certification requirements are the same as the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program.

Call the Crime Free office to get started (209) 572-9639