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Modesto's Reserve Officer Unit

MPD Reserve Officer Unit


The Modesto Police Department’s Reserve Police Officer Unit is comprised of highly motivated and skilled professionals dedicated to serving the citizens of Modesto. Although our reserve officers are highly skilled and hourly city employees, they are not required to work a set schedule. Reserve officers generate their own work schedules providing police services for our city, working thousands of hours each year. The City of Modesto also saves thousands of dollars in public emergency services funds each year from the contributions of time, dedication, and talent of our reserve officers.

Reserve officers generally work full-time careers, own businesses, or are continuing their adult education while scheduling police work into their spare time. For some reserve officers, police work is their part-time career, earning a great income to supplement their lifestyle and other jobs and interests. Our reserve officers work all shifts assisting in helping staff patrol, bicycle unit, prisoner transportation, jail operations, subpoena service, high school and community sponsored events, all while providing a high level service for our residents and businesses.

The citizens and businesses in Modesto can be assured there will be no difference in the professional level of police service they receive from any Modesto Police Officer whether regular or reserve.

The reserve officers of the Modesto Police Department have served the city in a unique and special way for over 70 Years. Originally our Reserve Unit was created to supplement the full-time regular officers in times of need or local emergencies. That is still our number one priority today. During a large scale emergency, all of Modesto’s police officers would be needed to assist. A group of experienced, trained, and ready reserve officers would become a critical resource to provide needed services and relief.

For further information about the Reserve Unit, contact Sergeant Robert Stewart at (209) 572-9500 voice mail #24207 or e-mail.