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Programs & Services

Modesto's Reserve Officer Unit

Modesto Police Department


The City of Modesto offers an array of excellent non-medical related benefits to its Reserve Officers. In an effort to help recruit and retain quality applicants, the following benefits are extended and available to our reserve officers.


  • $20 per hour. Reserve officers can work a maximum of 32 hours a week, 64 hours per 2-week pay period up to a maximum of 960 hours per year.
  • PARS retirement contributions on each check
  • Paid time includes training classes, monthly meetings and any associated court time.
  • Rank and salary promotional opportunities


  • Summer and winter uniform shirts & duty pants
  • Level III vest, riot helmet, baton
  • Firearm, baton, pepper spray, hand cuffs
  • Duty belt & associated leather gear
  • Other duty and safety related equipment

Other Benefits

  • PORAC Membership Available ($148.00 Annually)
  • Legal Defense Fund Membership Available ($48.00 Annually)
  • Goyette & Associates Legal Representation ($60.00 Annually)
  • MPD Reserve Police Officer’s Association ($20.00 Annually)
  • Free ammunition and use of indoor range
  • Annual Reserve Appreciation Banquet & other MPD Reserve Officer Association sponsored social events
  • Workers’ compensation for job related injury/illness
  • Permanent disability and death benefits
  • Ongoing job experience and training