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Modesto's Reserve Officer Unit

Modesto Police Department

Appointment Levels

Reserve Officers are appointed at the levels for which they are qualified, based upon academic work, training and/or experience as indicated below:

Non-Designated Level I

Non-Designated Level I Reserve Officers may work alone and perform the same duties as a regular officer. They must graduate from a Basic Course or its equivalency. Level I Reserve Officers also must have completed 60 units of accredited college courses (no specific classes required). The primary difference between Designated and Non-Designated Level I Reserve Officers is that Designated Level I Officers are granted peace officer authority 24 hours a day (just like regular officers) while Non-Designated Level I Officers only have peace officer authority while on duty.

Non-Designated Level II

Level II Reserve Officers may perform General Law Enforcement tasks when working with another officer possessing a Basic Peace Officer Certificate. They must graduate from Reserve Training Modules II and III (minimum of 386 hours) plus they must be in a continuous field training Unit when performing general law enforcement tasks.

*P.O.S.T Guidelines per Commission Regulations 1007(b) for more information visit California’s Reserve peace Officer’s Unit page at