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Modesto's Reserve Officer Unit

Modesto Police Department


The Reserve Unit has monthly and annual expectations of its reserve officers. In order to assure the reserve officers remain aware, trained, and proficient in all areas of law enforcement the following expectations have been implemented.

Monthly Requirements

  • 16 Hrs. patrol time
  • At least one Friday night jail or transportation assignment (8 Hrs.)
  • 1 monthly business/training meeting (2-4 Hrs.)

Annual Requirements

  • 4 community/holiday special events

Administrative Requirements

  • At the end of each month, reserve officers are required to submit a monthly activity report to the Reserve Coordinator. The report includes assignments, statistics, and hours worked.
  • Once a quarter, reserve officers are required to ride with a full time FTO in order to assure his/her patrol proficiency is maintained. (part of the monthly 16 Hrs. patrol time).