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City of Modesto, California News Release

For Immediate Release

Contact: Vicki Rice, (209) 577-5495
Release Date: Thursday, December 12, 2013, 11:35:00 AM

Christmas tree Collections for Recycling

The City of Modesto pruned refuse crews will begin picking up untreated green Christmas trees in January 2014 as part of the normal pruned refuse collection. Please follow pruned refuse collection guidelines for your area. If you are not sure what area you are in, please contact the City of Modesto Green Waste Office at (209) 577-6463 and we can give you that information.


Please follow these simple steps to ensure proper disposal of your Christmas trees:


Disposal of Untreated Green Trees:

·         Remove ALL items from the tree: ornaments, tinsel, topper, tree stand, etc. Trees will not be picked up if these items have not been removed.

·         If your tree is more than six (6) feet tall, please cut so that no piece exceeds  6 feet in length. Maximum length of any one piece is 6 feet.

·         Place trees curbside to be collected with your regular yard trimmings or cut up small enough to place in your green waste can with the lid closed.

Disposal of Trees Treated with Flocking, Paint or Fireproofing:

Unfortunately, trees with flocking, paint, or fireproofing cannot be composted and will not be collected by pruned refuse crews. These trees may be cut up and placed in your black garbage can or taken to the nearest garbage company transfer station. Please note when disposing it in your black can, the lid must be closed in order for it to be serviced. Transfer stations can be found at the following locations:


          Bertolotti Disposal~ 231 Flamingo Drive, Modesto (209) 537-8000

          Gilton Solid Waste~ 800 S. McClure Road, Modesto (209) 527-3781


For additional information on Christmas tree collection or the City’s pruned refuse/green waste program, please visit

the City of Modesto’s website at

or contact the Green Waste Office at (209) 577-5463.