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About Us

Parks, Recreation and Neighborhoods Department

The dedicated employees of the Parks, Recreation and Neighborhoods Department can be found throughout this community.

We are the people who work to keep your neighborhoods clean. We promote recycling through community education. We build and take care of your parks, trails, golf courses and recreational facilities and implement recreational and enrichment programs. We work to preserve the city’s artifacts and history. We are the caretakers of the buildings. We help low income families with affordable housing. We offer venues for private and community events.

We create community and enhance neighborhoods through people, parks, programs and facilities.

Through the department's seven divisions, a service delivery system has been established that reflects the City Council’s strategic plan. This system meets and exceeds the open space and recreation needs and priorities of neighborhoods and the community. Programs and services are continually evaluated and modified to address the changing needs and desires of Modesto’s residents and visitors.