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In addition to providing general support to all of the other divisions in the Department, the Administration Division provides technical support for budget preparation and management, conducts department business services, provides assistance to managers in monitoring and reporting meaningful and measurable program outcomes and develops and disseminates the Department’s public information. The Administration Division also oversees the management of the Tuolumne River Regional Park and is responsible for finding non-General Fund financing through grants and the fund development program.

For more information about the Administration Division, please contact Joanne Azevedo at (209) 577-5346 or

Cultural and Enterprise Services:

The Cultural and Enterprise Services Division's responsibilities include the management, operation and maintenance of Modesto Centre Plaza, Tenth Street Plaza, McHenry Mansion, McHenry Museum, the McClure Country Place and John Thurman Field, home to the Class A professional baseball team the Modesto Nuts. This Division also oversees the operation of the three municipal golf courses: 18-hole Creekside, 18-hole Dryden and 9-hole Muni. In partnership with the Del Rio Foundation, the City offers The First Tee program to local youth at Muni golf course.

For more information about the Cultural and Enterprise Services Division, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department.

Parks, Forestry and Building Services:

The Parks, Forestry and Building Services Division maintains all City parks, street trees and City-owned buildings.  Parks Services maintains 75 City parks, Tuolumne River Regional Park, John Thurman Field, many landscaped sites, public right-of-ways, transportation sites, bus stops, recreation programs and community events. Forestry plants and maintains the City's street trees through the programmed pruning cycle.  Forestry crews are also responsible for the collection of green waste trimmings, leaves and holiday trees.  Building Services provides maintenance and oversees the custodial contracts for 65 City-owned buildings, including the Boy Scout Clubhouse, American Legion Hall, King-Kennedy Memorial Center, the McHenry Museum and the McHenry Mansion.

For more information about the Parks, Forestry and Building Services Division, please contact Kelly Gallagher at (209) 342-2270 or

Parks Planning and Development:

The Parks Planning and Development Services Division procures and manages the development of the park and trail system in Modesto. The system includes neighborhood, community and regional parks, class I, II, and III trails, lanes and surface bicycle routes, trail heads, signage, access points and the planning and policies that allow for such access. This Division also ensures the quality of landscaping for community development through the plan review and installation inspection process. Included are medians, landscape strips along roadways and other public right-of-way improvements. Policies for the financing of future parks, management of Capital Improvement Projects and updates to design standards are also a part of this Division's responsibilities.

For more information about the Parks Planning and Development Division, please contact Loren Holt at (209) 571-5573 or

Recreation and Neighborhood Services:

The Recreation and Neighborhoods Services Division offers a wide variety of programs, services and activities. In addition to providing quality recreation and leisure activities, this Division is responsible for code enforcement, neighborhood preservation and administering housing grants and programs. Recreation and Neighborhoods Services seeks resources and grants through collaborations/partnerships with the community, non-profit organizations, public agencies and businesses.

For more information about Recreation Services, please contact Andy Johnson at (209) 571-5582 or  For more information about Neighborhood Services, please contact Judith Ray at (209) 577-5351 or  

Solid Waste:

The Solid Waste Division manages contracts with the City's two private-sector garbage collection companies that provide residential, commercial and industrial garbage and recyclables collection services to city residents and businesses. The Division also implements and promotes all recycling programs and public education campaigns, enforces solid waste codes and manages the joint contract with Stanislaus County and Covanta Energy for the operation of the Waste-to-Energy facility, which burns enough garbage to power 22,000 homes. Solid Waste also operates the city's compost facility, which makes compost out of green waste and other organic materials.

For more information about the Solid Waste Division, contact Karin Rodriguez at (209) 577-5453 or

Tenth Street Place JPA Building Engineering:

The Tenth Street Place JPA Building Engineering Division manages the Tenth Street Place facility and plaza area for both the City of Modesto and Stanislaus County. Duties include maintenance and repair, cubicle construction, painting and tenant improvements. This division is also responsible for the management of security and janitorial contracts, and providing access badges, keys and parking assignments for building employees and retail partners. In addition to managing all work order requests and safety suggestions for the building and plaza, Building Engineering staff works with the Centre Plaza to coordinate events in the plaza for the downtown area.

For more information about the JPA Building Engineering Division, contact Donald Campiotti at (209) 342-4701 or