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Entertainment Commission

Entertainment Permit Applications

The Entertainment Commission, appointed by the Modesto City Council on March 10, 2009, helps to coordinate and facilitate the planning and permitting process for special events and entertainment establishments.  The seven-member commission reviews Entertainment Permit Applications and conducts hearings to gather the information needed to make decisions regarding all applications. 

Additionally, the Commission aims to encourage the development of new entertainment businesses as well as assist the organizers and operators of existing businesses and/or events to plan and coordinate City services for major events.  This will allow the business or event to flourish while meeting the City's public health, safety and welfare needs.

It is unlawful for any person to own, conduct, operate, maintain or participate therein in any place of entertainment in the City of Modesto without first having obtained a permit from the Entertainment Commission.  Failure to obtain a Entertainment Permit can result in penalties under the new ordinance.  Your establishment/business/event can be cited under Municipal Code 4-1.420, which can result in a misdemeanor. 

To obtain an Entertainment Permit, fill out the required application and provide all of the information requested.  Any missing information will slow down the review process.  A completed application may take as long as 45 days to process, please plan accordingly.

Mail in completed application, with all copies, attachments and fees to:
City of Modesto
c/o Amy Antinetti
P.O. Box 642
Modesto, CA  95353

Drop off completed application, with all copies, attachments and fees at:
City of Modesto Parks, Recreation and Neighborhoods Department Office
1010 Tenth Tenth Street, Suite 4400
Modesto, CA   95354 

Please click here to view the calendar of committee meetings for deadline of events.

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We are currently recruiting for new Commissioners. If you are interested in applying, then please visit:

For more information, please contact Amy Antinetti at (209) 571-5141 or