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Sycamore Tree

On November 13, 2012, the Modesto City Council approved funding for an additional tree trimming crew as well as additional funding to address seasonal mistletoe abatement. This additional funding was a direct result of the significant budget reductions that have been experienced by the Community Forestry Division of the Parks, Recreation and Neighborhoods Department over the last several years that have resulted in the pruning cycle being extended to nearly eight years.

The impact of the extended pruning cycle has resulted in a reactive approach to safety cycle pruning, tree removals, stump removals, root cutting, and weather-related activities including trees that have been downed by storms during the winter and a lack of water during the summer.

This newly approved tree crew and associated funding will enable the Community Forestry Division to focus year-round on mistletoe abatement in an effort to contain the growing challenge of increased mistletoe. This proactive approach is expected to result in approximately 3,500 additional trees pruned for mistletoe – greatly reducing this parasite.

Below is a map that shows areas completed, areas currently being worked and potential future abatement areas throughout the City of Modesto. The current inventory of trees was analyzed for potential loss due to mistletoe infestation to identify these locations. There are currently 13 neighborhoods and approximately 6,882 trees that could be lost if mistletoe is not abated during this winter season. Typical winter weather will enable at least 10 neighborhoods to be addressed – those with the most significant mistletoe problem. A mild winter may allow the crew to reach an additional one to two neighborhoods.

If you can’t wait to have your tree trimmed and would like to hire an outside contractor to work on your City tree, check out our Homeowner Process for Tree Maintenance page to find an authorized vendor.

City of Modesto Winter Work Plan for Tree Pruning