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Environmental Compliance

The City of Modesto’s Water Quality Control Division is charged with maintaining water quality for the present and future generations. The City has two (2) major systems, the wastewater system and the storm drain system. Wastewater is treated and either discharged into the river with pollutants removed, or used for irrigation. Storm water and urban runoff flow from our City directly into the storm drain system via rockwells or catch basins. Any water that enters a storm drain flows directly to our local creeks, rivers and waterways UNTREATED. Best Management Practices (BMP’s) are designed to inform our community of procedures and practices that will protect our environment when they are at home, at work or at play. Please follow the links to find this vital information.

Storm Water Size
City of Modesto Stormwater Program: Annual Progress Report 2010-2011 2 MB View
BMP Brochure Automotive Maintenance and Car Care 113 KB View
BMP Brochure Equipment Rentals 124 KB View
BMP Brochure Food Service Industries 108 KB View
BMP Brochure Fresh Concrete and Mortar Application 109 KB View
BMP Brochure General Construction and Site Supervision 108 KB View
BMP Brochure Heavy Equipment and Earthmoving Activities 136 KB View
BMP Brochure Home Repair and Remodeling 100 KB View
BMP Brochure Horse Owners and Equine Industry 122 KB View
BMP Brochure Kennels 106 KB View
BMP Brochure Landscaping Gardening and Pest Control 132 KB View
BMP Brochure Mobile Washers and Cleaners 116 KB View
BMP Brochure Nurseries 135 KB View
BMP Brochure Painters 155 KB View
BMP Brochure Roadwork and Paving 112 KB View
BMP Brochure Swimming Pools-Jacuzzi and Fountain Maintenance 166 KB View
National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit 1.4 MB View
Storm Water Guidance Manual 7.0 MB View
Storm Drain Protection for Special Events 748 KB View
Pre-Treatment Size
Restaurant Standard operating Procedures Example 30 KB View
Standard Spec Grease Interceptor 494 KB View
FOG Brochure 216 KB View
2010 Wastewater Permit Application 212 KB View
Liquid Waste Hauler Permit Conditions 28 KB View
Liquid Waste Hauler Permit Application 72 KB View

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