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Stormwater Pollution Prevention


Stormwater Pollution Prevention

Cockroaches thrive in warm places with food, water, and shelter. Roaches hide in dark areas during the day and only come out at night to feed. Pesticide sprays alone will not control roaches and are not usually required. Baits provide better control. By integrating the following strategies and being thorough, you can make your home a less roach-friendly environment.

Identify your cockroach species first

Effective management options vary according to species.

  • Traps provide an easy way to identify roaches.
  • American and oriental roaches are outdoor invaders.
  • Brownbodied and German roaches are indoor residents.

Remove food and water sources

Even tiny crumbs or liquids provide food sources.

  • Vacuum cracks ond crevices and clean floors and counters daily.
  • Store food in sealed containers.
  • Keep food wastes in containers with tight lids.
  • Eliminate plumbing leaks.

Remove roach hiding places

  • Seal cracks and other openings to heep invaders out.
  • Seal or clean-up all indoor hiding places where you find roaches or their egg cases.
  • Remove old newspapers, boxes ond other clutter.
  • The oriental cochroach hides under ivy ond other shelters. Remove outdoor refuges.
  • Use traps to keep tabs on your population

Cockroach traps are available in hardware stores

Place traps on the floor around edges of walls, in cupboards and other ploces where roaches are foraging. Place bait stations at locations where you trap roaches. Check traps daily. Sticky traps with pheromones may provide some control of German cockroaches.

Chemicals for control

Avoid foggers, bombs or aerosol sprays--they just disperse populations. Boric acid powder blown into undisturbed hiding places is very effective (takes at least 7 days). Bait stations containing boric acid, abomectin, fipronil, or hydromethylnon placed near hiding places can be effective (takes 7 days to be effective). Replace stations as long as roaches are being caught. Call a professional for serious infestations. Be sure they use an integrated program as described above.

For very specific information on cockroaches and their control visit the UCIPM website IPM PESTNOTES.

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