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Frequently Asked Questions

Water Meter Installation Program

  • Why are water meters being installed?
    • In September of 2004, State Assembly Bill 2572 became law, requiring the installation of water meters on all connections built before 1992. It also mandates that all metered customers be billed based on actual volume of water delivered.

  • What was the City required to accomplish by January 2010?
    • The City is required to read every meter that is installed in the ground. At the same time, the City is working diligently to upgrade all meters to an Automated Meter Reading (AMR) system.

  • What is the City required to accomplish by the year 2025?
    • State Assembly Bill 2572 requires that all flat rate non-metered water services be metered by the Year 2025. The older parts of the City that do not currently have meters will require more complex construction to complete. It is estimated that it will take at least 15 years to fully meter the City.

  • What kind of water meters will be installed?
    • In April of 2006, the City Council Resolution #2006-190 approved the purchase of an Automated Meter Reading (AMR) system which will be retrofitted to all existing meters and included in the installation of all new meters. The AMR devices allow the meter reader to electronically gather data simply by driving past (usually within 300 feet of) the meters on his/her route. This allows for a much more efficient collection of meter data. This system has been tested and implemented and works quite effectively.

  • Where have water meters been installed?
    • To date, the City's Water Division has installed over 28,000 water meters with AMR technology. Some regions of the water system, such as Grayson, Del Rio, and Salida, have been fully metered and metered billing has begun. Please see calendar/map for planned installations.

  • Why is metering important?
    • By metering water consumption and billing customers based on that consumption, everyone works together to conserve water, which is our most precious natural resource. Studies by the California Public Utilities Commission have shown that communities with metered water system use 7%-20% less water than non-metered areas. In addition, your city services will be more cost effective and operate more efficiently with an automated water metering system in place.