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The Plant Operations and Maintenance Section of the wastewater Division is responsible for the operations and maintenance of Wastewater of all Treatment Facilities and Lift Stations. Wastewater treatment plant operators monitor and staff the treatment plant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure compliance and safety of the processes. The wastewater treatment plant operators are certified Grades 1 through 5, as required by the California Water Resources Control Board, Office of Operator Certification. The maintenance staff is responsible for keeping all of the machinery working to original equipment and design standards. This allows the operations staff to make sure all processes run smoothly. Staff performs preventative maintenance and works closely with the operations staff to resolve issues that may arise during the operation process. The maintenance staff working at the treatment facilities and lift stations are certificated technicians. All of the operations and maintenance staff are trained on confined space entry, chemical response training and are First Responders that can assist with an emergency involving chemicals used in the treatment process.


Prior to the year 1910, wastewater from the City of Modesto was discharge without treatment directly into the Tuolumne River at 9th street. In 1910, the City installed a septic tank at the foot of Sutter Avenue with outfall to river. In 1919, the City purchased 38 acres of land at the foot of Sutter Avenue. With this an outfall line was built. City wastewater flow was re-routed to what was equal to a giant septic tank. The tanks overflow was then discharged into the Tuolumne River and in 1928 approximately 12 acres of oxidation and percolation beds were constructed.


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Laura Anhalt
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