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Water Services maintains the water distribution system, monitors and maintains water wells and tanks, and performs testing of the municipal water supply. Water Services is also responsible for the installation, maintenance and reading of water meters as well as the Water Conservation and Backflow-Cross Connection programs. Each year Water Services publishes and distributes the Consumer Confidence Report to all billed customers of the Modesto regional water system.

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MID Surface Water Delivery Decrease

The City of Modesto surface water allocation deliveries from MID have been decreased over the last couple of years from an average of 30 million gallons per day to approximately 11.5 million gallons per day due to lower than average rain fall and snow pack during the past two hydrologic cycles. This decrease remains in effect through April 30, 2016 at which time the MID will reevaluate and may readjust the delivery amounts. Because more well water is used to supplement the reduction in surface water during this drought, customers may notice that the water at their taps contains more hardness than usual.

The decrease in surface water allocation should not affect the amount of water available for Modesto’s needs. Twenty years ago The City of Modesto invested in a surface water treatment plant and that along with increased water conservation efforts has resulted in less groundwater being withdrawn each year from the aquifer. As a result, the Modesto sub basin has not suffered overdraft and this water bank is available for use now when we need it the most. Because of the current drought conditions statewide, the Governor has asked all Californians to voluntarily cut back on water use by an average of 20%. Individual water systems were assessed based on water usage and assigned a percentage to reduce by February of 2016. The Modesto system has been required to reduce water usage by 36%. We ask for your continued help in conserving this most precious resource.


Since the 1870's a clean and dependable water supply for the community of Modesto has been a key factor in the success and quality of life for citizens and businesses alike. Water became critical in fighting the big fires of 1881 and 1884 and prevented many parts of downtown from being destroyed.


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