Water Usage Test v1.0

Question 1: Should you wash your car over grass and gravel or out on the street?

Over grass and gravel
Out on the street

Question 2: Should you water your lawn in the morning when it is cool or in the afternoon when it is hot?

In the afternoon when its hot
In the morning when it is cool

Question 3: When you are swimming, should you splash lots of water out of the pool?


Question 4: Should you always check your faucets and hoses for leaks?


Question 5: Should you turn your faucets all the way off or just most of the way off??

All the way off
Most of the way off

Question 6: When water evaporates and goes into the air, does it turn into clouds?


Question 7: When clouds get big and heavy and precipitate, does that mean that water falls back to the ground?


Question 8: When you are brushing your teeth, should you keep the water running or turn it off?

Keep it running
Turn it off

Question 9: Should you run your dishwasher or washing machine when it is all the way full or only part of the way full?

When it is all the way full
When it is empty

Question 10: Is it better to take a long bath or a short shower?

Long bath
Short shower

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