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Water Meters

Water Meter Installation Plan

The City of Modesto has an ongoing project to complete meter installation in the City’s regional water system by the year 2025 as mandated by State Assembly bill 2572. Meters have been installed in surrounding communities as well as areas within Modesto city limits. If there have been system repairs in your area, you may already have a meter. Non-residential customers have already been metered.

If you do not have a meter installed, you may review the calendar below to locate your neighborhood and determine when your area is scheduled for meter installation. Click on the map link to zoom in on the corresponding colored area or download the complete map in PDF by clicking here. This calendar is periodically updated and the dates will change as the plan progresses.

Notices with more information will be distributed in your neighborhood in advance of meter installations. You may notice street markings which are necessary to identify underground utilities. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 342-2246.

For additional information on Water Conservation and how to read your water meter, click on the following link: City of Modesto Water Use Home Survey