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American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 Information

The City was notified that we had received an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant in the amount of $1.95 million.

On June 9, 2009 the City Council approved the application for the use of these funds to the Department of Energy.

Uses applied for:

- Replacing HVAC units at City facilities ($310,000) – The City currently operates 17 facilities where the heating and cooling systems are old and extremely inefficient. Replacement of these units will have a 3-4 year payoff period in energy savings.

- Replace 26 light high voltage street light circuit on Coldwell Avenue with 49 low voltage LED lights ($459,000) – This pilot will allow the City to test the feasibility of converting other high voltage circuits to low voltage LED systems.

- Installation of 100 kW of thin film solar arrays on the roofs of Centre Plaza and Corporation Yard Buildings ($802,000) – Coupled with the installation of new, energy efficient foam roofs on Centre Plaza and the Corporation Yard (funded using $273,812 from the Community Development Block Grant – Recovery), and upgrades to the HVAC units at these high energy use facilities, there will be significant savings in energy costs for these facilities.

- Installation of 25 kW thin film solar array on shade structure at John Thurman Field ($200,000) – This will provide electricity to the ball park and provide a demonstration of thin film technology at a high use public venue.

- Install 7kW solar shade structure at the police firing range ($56,000) – This project will generate electricity to operate the facility and provide shade for parkers at this facility

- Replace standard fixtures at the Transit Center with energy efficient and LED fixtures ($25,000) – This project will upgrade the fixtures at the Transit Center and will provide a demonstration of the benefits of converting to energy efficient fixtures at a high use public venue.

- Install solar lighting at East La Loma Park Mensinger Trail, and the Tuolumne River Regional Park ($100,000) – This project will allow for the installation of security, pathway, and trail lighting in parks that currently do not have electrical service, and will provide for a public demonstration of “off the grid” solar lighting technology.

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