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American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 Information
Public Safety

Grant applications for police services total more than $25 million dollars. Many of these grant applications are for regional law enforcement programs to control drug trafficking. The City will be notified by the Federal Government, in most cases, with award information by September 30, 2009.
COPS (Community Oriented Policing Services) – On April 13, 2009 the City submitted an application to the COPS program requesting $13,678,560. The City intends to use this program to fund 40 Police Officer positions for 3 years. If the City receives these funds this will help avoid layoffs as well as augment the number of Police Officers serving our citizens.

The City was notified on July 28th by the COPS office of an award of 13 police officer positions through the COPS hiring grant.  The dollar amount of the grant is $4,474,782 over 3 years.  These funds will allow the rehire of 8 laid-off officers and potentially hire 5 additional officers.
Byrne JAG Formula Local – The City and County received a formula award in the amount of $1,000,000. This City’s share is $669,436. Upon receipt of these monies, the City will fund 3 police officer positions for 2 years.

The City was notified on July 10 that the grant was awarded.  The city will receive $649,343.
Byrne Competitive Grants – The City has submitted grant applications totaling $3,530,044. These monies would be used to fund various specialized positions at the Modesto Police Department including, but not limited to, officers for the Gang Intelligence Task Force, Detectives, Crime Analysts, and Community Service Officers.
Keep it CLEAN (Communities Leading Efforts Against Narcotics) – The City has submitted a grant request in the amount of $1,963,840 to retain 12 sworn law enforcement positions, hire a Crime & Intelligence Analyst, and upgraded surveillance equipment. (Not Awarded)
Secure the Border SDEA (Stanislaus Drug Enforcement Agency) – The City has submitted a grant application in the amount of $2,486,563 for the purpose of retaining 8 positions and adding 2 police officer positions at SDEA. (Not Awarded)
SOUTH (Securing our USA through HIDTAs) - The City has submitted a grant application in the amount of $3,034,853 for the purpose of retaining 6 and adding 5 police positions in support of our High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTAs) program. (Not Awarded)

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