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Garbage & Recycling

Green Can/Organic Waste Program

Organic Waste Collection

The City of Modesto uses a "Two Can" recycling program. The green can is for organic materials including yard waste, food waste, paper and cardboard products.  This program has the potential to capture 70% of all residential waste with no additional cans or trucks needed!  Please do your part to help the city of Modesto reach this goal.   In 2014, residents recycled approximately 48,000 tons of organic waste, or 43% of the total tons of  residential waste generated.  The material is made into compost and made available to the community.

Download the complete Recycling Guide and learn about all of Modesto's garbage and recycling programs in one stop!

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Green Cans

The Green Cans

  • Cardboard and all types of paper (newspaper, junk mail, computer paper, magazines, phone books, paper bags)
  • Food waste, including meat and bones
  • Grass, plant clippings and leaves
  • Brush, tree limbs less than 4' long and 6" in diameter
  • UNTREATED Christmas trees
  • 100 lb weight limit
  • Lids must be completely closed

Compost Bucket


The Green Cant's

  • No plastic bags, wires, cloth, carpet, or screen
  • No plastic-lined paper bags
  • No materials over 4' long or 6" in diameter
  • No dirt, rocks, concrete or asphalt
  • No wood or lumber
  • No trash of any kind
  • No flocked, painted or fireproofed Christmas trees
  • No open lids
  • Not to exceed 100 lb weight limit

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