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Construction Administration

Here you will find useful forms that may be required during the construction phase of a capital improvement project.

For Construction Staking Request form, Click Here. Complete the form and fax to (209) 577-4302, ATTN: Survey Crew

For Sample Public Notification letter, Click Here. A public notification letter is required for all capital improvement projects and encroachment permits affecting citizens traffic routes and business activities. Public notice shall be given at two weeks, one week and 24 hours prior to beginning any work in an area or the project, provide written public notice to all residents, businesses, churches, property owners, tenants, and applicable parties within and adjacent to that project area. The Notice shall be similar to the sample provided and state the following as a minimum:

  1. Expected date for start of construction
  2. Expected duration of activity (include tentative end date)
  3. General description of construction activity
  4. If on street parking will be prohibited during construction
  5. If driveway(s) will be obstructed
  6. Any inconvenience that may impact local residents or businesses
  7. Name, address and 24 hour telephone number for the General Contractor and the name of any subcontractor working on the project at that site

Submit copy of notification letter / flyer for review and approval by the City prior to delivery. Also provide a copy of the mailing list. Additionally, the following agencies require two weeks, one week and 24 hours before implementing an approved Traffic Control Plan.

  1. City of Modesto Police Department
  2. City of Modesto Fire Department
  3. Modesto City School District
  4. AMR Ambulance
  5. Modesto Area Express (MAX)
  6. Stanislaus County Road Department
  7. Stanislaus County Sheriff Department
  8. Stanislaus Regional 911
  9. Stanislaus Regional Transit (START)
  10. Notify schools within 1/2-mile of the work zone(s)
  11. Notify US Post Office, waste haulers, recycling operations and buses within the project area
  12. Coordinate to ensure no stoppage of mail delivery

For a sample Warranty Bond form, Click Here.

For use of a fire hydrant for construction water, complete the Fire Hydrant Permit Click Here and submit with payment to the Utility Billing Office located on the 2nd Floor of 1010 Tenth Street Place

For all capital improvement projects requiring submittals, Contractors must use the Submittal Transmittal Form, Click Here to download a blank copy.