Message from the Operations Chief

The Operations Division proudly provides "all-risk" emergency and non-emergency services to the citizens of Modesto. As an "all-risk" fire department, we respond to a wide spectrum of emergencies, everything from medical aids, technical rescues, public assists, hazardous materials, house fires, commercial fires, vehicle accidents, and the list goes on. Non-emergency calls for service are some of the most important calls we respond to. Our firefighters take pride in delivering a service and helping our citizens when no one else will. Firefighters are trained to quickly diagnose a problem and provide a solution for a positive outcome. All sworn Modesto Fire employees are trained to the level of Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), trained to provide Basic Life Support (BLS) to our citizens. Currently, 20 members are trained to the level of Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic (EMT-P) and able to provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) to our citizens. The Modesto Fire Department currently operates 6 BLS Engine Companies, 3 ALS Engine Companies, and 2 BLS Truck Companies out of 10 fire stations strategically located throughout the City.

Fire Suppression

Today's fires occur in all types of environments and firefighters must be prepared. Structural firefighting occurs when fire attacks residential and commercial structures such as homes, grocery stores, chemical storage facilities, apartment complexes, etc. Firefighters are also faced with hundreds of other types of fires, anything from vehicle fires to large wildland fires. Fires have become more dangerous for firefighters in recent years due to manufacturing and construction changes. The Operations Division responds to more than 1,400 fires each year and spends approximately 38% of its time committed to emergencies on fire suppression.

Emergency Medical Services

Fire service EMS is the most efficient and effective model for the rapid delivery of all emergency medical services. When time is critical and effective pre-hospital care is necessary, the fire service is well positioned strategically, geographically, administratively, financially and operationally. Modesto firefighters are trained to one of two levels - Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic. Both are critical parts of an overall emergency medical service system. Modesto firefighters and paramedics stabilize and treat prior to transport to a medical facility increasing the survivability rates for our citizens. Paramedic firefighters provide the highest level of care for field operations. They have advanced training in anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, and have the ability to administer all types of lifesaving medications and techniques. Modesto firefighters are directly responsible for saving many lives each and every year and provide a service that no other medical provider can deliver. No other agency or private entity can provide medical treatment inside a hazardous condition like a structure fire, hazardous materials incident, technical rescue, or severe vehicle accident with patients trapped. Emergency medical calls make up 68% of the fire department's calls; however, they only account for 39% of the time that firefighters are committed to incidents.