Water Rates

Your monthly bill will vary based on meter size, water consumption, and drought status.  Your City of Modesto water bill for flat and metered service includes a base charge for maintenance and improvements of our water system, and each customer’s individual service and connection.  Charges for flat rate water service users include a base charge and an estimated water consumption charge determined by your lot size.  Customers that are billed the metered rate will see a base charge and a water usage charge separately on their bill.

Customers interested in learning ways to reduce their water use to minimize the effects of this rate increase can visit the City’s Water Conservation web pages.  Additionally, the City has a Water Rate Assistance Program and Senior Disabled Low Income Discount program.  

Metered Water Rates (As of January 1, 2019)

Meter Size Monthly Rate
5/8 - 3/4 Inch Meter $23.34
1 Inch Meter $33.48
1 1/2 Inch Meter $58.83
2 Inch Meter $89.25
3 Inch Meter $185.59
4 Inch Meter $327.55
6 Inch Meter $667.24
8 Inch Meter $1,224.95
10 Inch Meter $1,934.76
12 Inch Meter $2,543.16

Rate Per Hundred Cubic Feet (CCF)

Rate Type Rate 
Non-Drought $1.93

Single Family Residence Flat Water Rates (As of January 1, 2019)*

Code Lot Size Monthly Rate
PR 01 0 - 5,000 Square Foot Lot $52.97
PR 02 5,001 - 7,000 Square Foot Lot $60.89
PR 03 7,001 - 11,000 Square Foot Lot $76.52
PR 04 11,001 - 17,000 Square Foot Lot $99.87
PR 05 Over 17,000 Square Foot Lot $111.65

* If a Single Family Residence property has a water meter that is read, then the appropriate Metered Water rate will be used.

Drought water rates shall be imposed when the State Water Resources Control Board imposes a mandatory conservation target that exceeds the City’s self-imposed conservation target.

Abbreviations: ccf = hundred cubic feet (1ccf = 748 gallons)

748 gallons = hundred cubic feet (Unit=hundred cubic feet)