Storm Related Information

Winter Storm Information

Winter storms can have lasting damage to our homes and community. Severe weather can happen anytime, in any part of the country. Severe weather can include hazardous conditions produced by thunderstorms, including damaging winds, flooding, flash flooding, and winter storms. Develop an emergency plan based on our local weather hazards and practice your plan.

See the below information for some tips on how you can prepare for winter storms.

  • Keep an emergency kit with a battery-operated radio, flashlights, extra batteries, and a first-aid kit.
  • Stock easy-to-open prepared foods, a can opener, bottled water and pet food in case of a power outage. Keep extra blankets and warm clothes in a safe dry place. 
  • Put a plan together. Visit to learn more on how to prepare.
  • Visit or the Listos California website to learn more on how to prepare.