Graffiti Summer

Graffiti Summer

Modesto is the birthplace of George Lucas and the inspiration for his popular classic film “American Graffiti” released in 1962. Teenagers enjoyed music, hot rods, sweltering heat, and the new found freedom of summer!

Throughout the month of June, you will find everything from street fairs to classic car parades, concerts, and an impressive showcase of American Graffiti culture as we celebrate this important pillar of our community. It was a way of life that included late nights, diners and carhops, 50’s music and fun. This tradition has changed over the years in Modesto but never died! Even though the original hot spots; Burge’s and Al’s Drive-Ins are a thing of the past, the A & W Drive- In on G street still showcases roller skating carhops and plays all the oldies on the drive-in speakers.

The cruise lives on thanks to the North Modesto Kiwanis Club that has championed the American Graffiti Festival, hosting the annual cruise parade that draws tens of thousands to our historic Modesto, USA cruise route.  

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