Improvement Plans

All on-site and off-site Civil Improvement plans must undergo a review and approval process. LDE thoroughly checks these plans for conformance to the City Standards, municipal code, state water and health regulations, and overall sound engineering practices. In addition, LDE reviews on-site storm drainage design for conformance to the current requirements as outlined in the City Standards.

First Submittal  

Please use the E-TRAKiT portal to submit an application. Choose the "Planning" module, then "Improvement Plans".

Click on for eTRAKiT training documents and videos.

Upload the following documents: 

  • LDE Standard Application
  • Conditions of approval (tentative or vesting tentative map)
  • Engineer’s estimate for on-site and off-site improvements.  Estimates shall include all proposed work including landscaping.  Contractor’s estimates may be substituted for Engineer’s estimates upon approval by the City Engineer
  • Plan check fee deposit (Fees based on Engineering Estimate)
  • Civil and landscape improvement plans on bond

The City Engineer may require additional documents such as but not limited to:

  • Storm Water Volume Calculations
    • Water Shed Calculations
    • Volume Storage Calculations
    • Percolation Calculations
  • Geotech Report
  • Storm Water Quality Report
  • Current Title Report (based on if dedication is needed).
  • Current Deed of parcel being developed (based on if dedication is needed)

Subsequent Submittals  

Mandatory Items

  • Revised improvement plans on bond
  • Redlined drawings returned after previous submittal
  • Any additional information or calculations requested as a result of any previous plan review

Final Submittal

  • Final improvement plans on bond, signed and stamped
  • Redlined drawings returned after previous submittal
  • Revised Engineer’s estimate signed and stamped

Encroachment Permit will be required for any improvements made with the City right of way.