Subdivision Improvements

Mandatory Items 

  • SITE Project Application
  • 7 Copies of plans
  • Fees – based on Engineers Estimate
    • Improvement Plan Check Fee
    • Stormwater Quality Review Fee
  • Conditions of Approval
  • Geotechnical Report
  • Engineering Estimate
  • Stormwater Volume Calculations
    • Watershed report
    • Volume Storage Calculation
    • Percolation Calculation
  • Stormwater Quality Control Measures Plan

1st submittal averages about four (4) weeks turnaround time.

Each subsequent submittal: two (2) week turnaround time.

Final Submission

  •  Two (2) wet signed originals plans
  •  Ten (10) copies of signed originals
An Encroachment Permit will be required for any improvements made within the City's right of way.

To submit an on-line application for a subdivision map or improvement plans, please click here or email