Wordly Language Interpretation Tool

In a continued effort to maximize inclusivity, productivity and engagement, the City of Modesto is pleased to provide its technology interpretation solution, Wordly. Wordly provides real-time interpretation services so that each City Council meeting participant can choose from several interpretation languages. 

How to Use Wordly

The tabs below will guide you through the process of using the Wordly interpretation solution. There are two ways that you can use Wordly for interpretation during City Council meetings. You can use Wordly in the City Council Zoom meeting and directly from your Web browser.  For further information, view the Wordly FAQs.

Herramienta de interpretación del lenguaje Wordly

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  1. Wordly in Zoom Meeting
  2. Wordly from Web Browser

Zoom Users

  1. Join the City Council Meeting on Zoom using the link in the meeting agenda.  
    Please Note: Public comment will not be available via Zoom.
  2. Select the LIVE icon
    • Select View Stream on Custom Live Streaming Service


    • The Wordly site will launch automatically.

  3. Select your preferred language from the drop-down menu under "Choose Language".
  4. Select Attend


  5. From the upper right corner, confirm your preferred language for interpretation to use during the live City Council meeting. 


  6. The spoken English language will be interpreted to the language you selected above. Make sure the audio button is on. “”

Note:  If you are attending the meeting using an iPhone or Android, you will need to select "LIVE" to copy the Wordly link, then paste the link into a browser on your device.