Special Operations

Technical Rescue

Modesto Fire Department Technical Rescue Team is comprised of Truck 1, Truck 5, and Squad 11. The goal is to have all assigned personnel Certified in: Low Angle Rope Rescue, Rescue Systems 1, Confined Space Rescue, and Trench Rescue.

Rescue 11 is a Heavy Rescue Apparatus that is crossed staffed by Squad 11 personnel.

The Tech Rescue Team has a monthly quick drill that covers all disciplines of Technical Rescue.

Water Rescue

Modesto Fire Department is responsible for protecting over 60 miles of water ways, including the Stanislaus River, Tuolumne River, Dry Creek and numerous irrigation canals.

To meet this challenge all personnel are trained and equipped to provide shore-based rescue. Additionally the department staffs 1 boat, located at Station 1. It is cross-staffed by the personnel at that station.

In addition to shore base rescue the personnel at Station 1 are trained to make in water victim contact rescues, and perform water rescue boat operations. The department supports law enforcement with searching for missing persons and evidence recovery.

Hazardous Materials

The Modesto Fire Department works with the surrounding fire agencies and the Stanislaus County Department of Environmental Resources to provide a hazardous materials response team.

All department members of this team are certified to the Hazardous Materials Specialist level. The team members train monthly as a regional team as well as numerous times throughout the year with specialty classes to include Hazardous Materials identification, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Nuclear and Biological training. All other companies in the department are trained to the Hazardous Materials First Responder/Decontamination level. The department Hazardous Materials team is located at Station 4.
Firefighters Haul Basket Stretcher
Haz-Mat Collage with Fire Engine, pickup hauling a trailer, and a Haz-Mat suit.
Water Rescue Team on a boat