City Standing Committees - Audit Committee


This committee does not have regularly scheduled meetings time but instead meets as needed.

Application Process

All applications will be reviewed by the Appointments Committee and the City Manager’s Office staff for completeness, eligibility, and recommendations. If eligible for an Audit Committee seat, you will be notified by the City. If you meet the minimum eligibility criteria but are not selected for the Audit Committee, you are encouraged and welcome to participate by attending the posted public Audit Committee meetings.

If you meet the minimum requirements and would like to apply to be a member of the Audit Committee, you can fill out an application.

Audit Committee Members

PositionNameTerm Expires
ChairSue ZwahlenDecember 31, 2023
Vice-ChairDavid WrightDecember 31, 2023
MemberNick Bavaro
December 31, 2023
Public MemberCamille GarciaJune 30, 2027
Public MemberJennifer BarillasJune 30, 2027

Measure G Charter Amendments

In accordance with Measure G, passed by the voters in 2022, the Audit Committee was added to the Modesto Charter and prescribes the purpose and duties of the committee as well as the committee composition. As a part of the committee composition changes, the charter amendment added two members of the public who are residents of the City of Modesto and possess a minimum of two years of experience in financial or performance auditing.

Purpose and Duties

The purpose of the Audit Committee is to advise the City Council on items related to the work of the City Auditor and the City’s financial statement or other types of audits.

The Audit Committee will:

  • Review the Auditor’s audit plan annually and submit it annually to the City Council;
  • Provide suggestions and comments for the annual audit plan;
  • Review and consult with the City Auditor on quarterly reports or updates of the City Auditor’s activities and findings;
  • Report irregularities raised by the City Auditor to the City Council;
  • Ensure that audit reports are transmitted to the legislative body and to the public;
  • Monitor follow-up on reported findings to assure corrective action is taken by management;
  • Report to the legislative body on problems or problem areas at such times as deemed appropriate;
  • Provide input on, and participate in, the selection of the firm conducting the annual financial statement audits; and
  • Review and forward to the City Council materials related to the City’s annual financial statement audit conducted pursuant to Section 1306 of this Charter

Audit Committee Composition

The Audit Committee shall be comprised of the Mayor, two (2) members of the City Council, and two (2) members of the public who are residents of the City of Modesto and shall possess a minimum of two (2) years of experience in financial or performance auditing. Strong consideration shall be given to residents who are Certified Public Accountants. 

No public member of the Committee shall be a relative by blood or marriage to the third degree of the mayor, member of the Council, any Charter Officer, or any department head or deputy department head. 

No public member of the Committee shall be an employee of the City nor any bargaining unit for employees of the City, nor a person who receives compensation from the City or from bargaining units of the City in any manner, including retirement benefits.

No public member of the Committee shall be a lobbyist or other person with business before the City that represents an economic interest in excess of the limit for material financial effect established by local ordinance for the time periods established by local ordinance. 

Public members of the Committee shall serve without compensation.