Underground Work

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General 811 Information:

An underground utility line is damaged once every six minutes nationwide. A free call to 811 to have lines properly marked can help prevent dig ins and potentially catastrophic accidents.

Safe digging starts with notifying 811. Every outdoor digging project should start with a call to 811. This is also a necessary step that will help avoid fines and costly damages and repairs that result from digging into unmarked lines.

Whether you’re installing a mailbox, a fence post or working on a major construction project, a call to 811 could prevent injuries or save a life.
In California, a free call to 811 will connect callers to Underground Service Alert’s (USA) One Call Center, which will take down the location of the dig site and notify all relevant utility companies, including PG&E. Those needing to have underground lines marked may also place an online request. Experts will then be dispatched to the requested site where they will mark the underground lines with flags and/or biodegradable paint.