Local Preservation Ordinances

Modesto Landmark Preservation Ordinance

The Landmark Preservation ordinance recognizes the importance of historic preservation to the city’s economic prosperity, cultural enrichment, and general welfare.  The ordinance establishes criteria under which historic resources are formally declared local landmarks and describes the responsibilities of the Landmark Preservation Commission.
Municipal Code

Mills Act

The Mills Act is a California law that allows cities to enter into contracts with owners of historic properties.  The contract provides a small reduction in property tax in exchange for preservation and maintenance of the historic property.  

State Historical Building Code

The California Building Standards Code, also referred to as the “Building Code,” is a set of requirements for the designing, building, and maintaining buildings in California.  It is updated and adopted by the California Building Standards Commission; Modesto then must adopt the Building Code for it to become effective.  The California State Historical Building Code is a separate code that recognizes the unique issues associated with maintaining and adapting historic buildings to new uses. 

California State Historical Building Code