Containers and Hauler Services


The hauler will only collect containers that are not contaminated.

If the hauler or City of Modesto staff finds contamination in your containers, your container will be tagged with a notice, and you will not receive container service until you have removed the contamination and contacted the City to schedule an inspection.

Making an Inspection Appointment

Contact Solid Waste or use our online contact us form if your container has been tagged and you want to schedule an inspection.

Once you have contacted the City to schedule an appointment, the City will send out a staff member to inspect the can to ensure it contains only acceptable material. Once the container has passed inspection, the service will resume on your next service day.

Fines for Contamination

Contaminating the organic container will be subject to a progressive fine structure with fines beginning at $100. For more information, view the Modesto Municipal Code 5-5.108.