Career Opportunities as a Firefighter

A career with the Modesto Fire Department may lead you into any of the following areas.

Fire Suppression

As a firefighter, you will provide emergency services directly related to fire protection and emergency medical care.

Hazardous Materials

As a firefighter, you may respond to hazardous material spills. As a first responder you will provide for rescue and first aid, product identification, protection from exposure, containment and personnel protection

Training Division

All areas of firefighter training, including recruit training, are the responsibility of the Training Captain and staff. Training is an ongoing process and will be required throughout your career with the department.

Fire Prevention Bureau

The Fire Prevention Bureau is under the direction of the Fire Marshal and coordinates building inspections, fire investigations, and public education and information. Fire prevention officers conduct inspections and present fire safety programs. Fire investigators are responsible for determining the origin and cause of suspicious fire and pursuing arson cases through the court system.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness is under the direction of a Fire Division Chief who is responsible for the preparation and carrying out of plans for the protection of persons and property within the City of Modesto. The Division Chief liaisons with other emergency organizations, coordinates the emergency function of Modesto with all other public agencies, corporations, organizations, and affected private persons.


The Fire Administration building is where the Fire Chief, Division Chiefs and other support staff members are located. The daily operations of the department are directed by this office, as well as personnel administration, budgetary management, research and planning.