Composting Rates

Public Sales

Product for Sale to the Public

  • Clean Green Compost 0-3 yards: $16.32/yd (+tax)
  • Clean Green Compost 4-39 yards: $8.55/yd (+tax)
  • Clean Green Compost Bulk Rate 40+ yards: $6.56/yd (+tax) 
  • Clean Green Compost Bulk Rate 23+ tons: $11.17/ton (+tax)**
    • **Approximate weight equivalent
  • Co-Compost: $10.75/yd (+tax)
  • Wood Chips Bulk: $2.07 per ton
  • Wood Chips or Mulch: $10.36 per yard
  • Bagged Compost: $3.11 per 1 cubic foot bag

Contact the Compost Facility at 209-571-5144 for more information on large volume or farm purchases.

Tipping Fees

  • Chipped Wood and Almond Shells: $14.50/ton
  • Mixed Brush and Yard Waste, Paper and Food Waste: $26.94/ton
    • No sod, dirt, trash, concrete, brick, treated wood, nails and no stumps greater than 2 feet in diameter