Alarm Response Information

Effective November 1, 2006, the Modesto Police Department began using Verified Response as a means of reducing the number of false alarm calls that patrol officers respond to. What this means for alarm owners is that the Modesto Police Department will no longer routinely respond to burglar alarms unless additional information is received to verify the validity of the alarm. The Alarm/Monitoring Company must be able to verify the alarm through the use of on-site audio and/or video equipment, or by a private security service. If the validity of the alarm was verified through the use of on-site equipment or a private security service, and it has been determined that the alarm is not false, the Modesto Police Department will dispatch an officer to respond.

The dispatch policy does not affect the Police Department’s response to panic, robbery, duress, or other types of hold-up alarms. These types of alarms will continue to be treated as high priority by the Police Department.

Verifying Alarms

The Modesto Police Department does not recommend that alarm owners respond to verify their alarm themselves, or send neighbors or friends. Doing so could be potentially dangerous if an officer, a security officer, or intruder is on-site. By now, alarm companies should have contracted with local security firms that will handle on-site verification.