Crime Map

The Modesto Police Department has a new tool (Crime Mapping) that will help residents stay informed and help fight crime in their neighborhoods. The site allows users to view crime activity near their home, near their work, or even near their child’s school. People can view crime activity on the map as well as create simple reports and charts. Crime Mapping also includes an email based crime alert service that allows users to subscribe to receive reports via email regarding crime near their location of choice. There is no charge to view the maps, charts, reports, or to receive the Crime Alerts.


The City of Modesto Police Department has partnered with Crime Mapping to make crime activity data available to the public via the internet. This information provided is intended to promote community awareness and encourage the use of crime prevention measures.
Image of the Crime Map
The data on the map is generated through citizen requests for police services. The data points show call volume and do not necessarily reflect a crime has occurred. Locations displayed are approximate, based on the 100th block address and intersection information.

The City of Modesto Police Department intends for the information provided to be correct, however, errors sometimes occur. The Department cannot give any guarantees as to the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information. Incidents involving sex crimes, domestic violence, and other offenses set forth in Government code 6254(f) are restricted and will not be displayed.

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