Get to know Scotty Douglass

Scotty Douglass - Q&A Page

5 Questions for Scotty Douglass, Modesto’s Deputy City Manager:

What is the biggest goal you aim to accomplish as the Deputy City Manager?

To continue building an efficient government model that increases a return on the public’s investment through public and private partnerships within our community.  Awareness of programs and projects with other neighboring Cities and the County provide Modesto with an ability to proactively partner and either determine or share best practices with our counterparts.

What is one thing the average citizen of Modesto might not know about the role of Deputy City Manager?

We increase the capacity of the City Manager by working closely with the Department Heads and Community Members to be even more responsive as a City Government, while keeping the City Manager informed.

What's one of your favorite or most significant memories, and why?

When I was 16 years old, I took a fun-flight lesson in a single engine airplane.  Since then, I always wanted to be a pilot.  One of my most significant memories was taking my final check-ride with an FAA examiner, 32 years later, passing my final test and receiving my Private Pilot certificate.

What's the best thing about getting older?  Why?

Wisdom.  Each day, we all as a human race have more in more in common as we live life.  I feel more connected and want to share in life experiences with others.  As I get older, I appreciate family more and more.

What motivates you most to get out of bed each morning?

The chance to make a difference, to be significant, and to make at least one life easier each day.  In one word “opportunity”!