Youth Wakeup Program

This is a eight (8) week program that will provide youth with the necessary skills to make good decisions and become confident, responsible citizens.  To enroll in a Youth Wakeup program class, you must call the Modesto Police Department Youth Services Division at 209-572-9500

Wakeup Program Highlights

  • Referral: Juveniles can become enrolled in the program through recommendations made by school officials, parents/guardians, or self referral with parental consent. Juveniles may also be directed to participate in Wakeup by the Police, Diversion, Probation or Juvenile Court. 
  • For parents: The Program includes information on parental rights and responsibilities, as well as parenting skills. 
  • Counseling: Juveniles receive counseling designed to improve their self esteem and decision-making skills. 
  • Life behind bars: Juveniles experience the reality of life behind bars during a visit to the Straight Life Program at Deuel Vocational Institution. Each visit includes a tour of the prison and a group discussion where inmates share the mistakes that put them behind bars and the harsh realities of prison life.