Rental Housing Safety Program (Proposed)

The City of Modesto will soon be proposing a Rental Housing Safety Program. The program is intended to maintain the supply of safe, decent, and sound affordable housing through the conservation and rehabilitation of the City’s existing housing stock. It was approve unanimously by the Safety and Communities Committee in April. It is expected to go to the full Council Summer, 2019


Here are some frequently asked questions.
  • Who developed the program?The City of Modesto partnered with the CA. Apartment Association, CRLA, Project Sentinel, and Sweet Properties to come up with a program that works for the people of Modesto.
  • Is there a fee to register? No. There is no registration fee. Nonresponsive rental properties will be added by the City to the registry as noncompliant and those property owners will be subject to applicable fines.
  • Will all rental units be inspected? Up to ten percent of all rental units in the Self-Certification program shall be selected (based on statistical information) for inspections. There will be a $100 inspection fee for selected properties.
  • What is the Self-Certification Program? Property owners or their local representative will conduct an annual inspection of their rental unit and make repairs as necessary, then certify that the unit meets the minimum standards of the program.
  • Are there any exemptions? Newly constructed buildings less than 10 years old are exempt. Rental housing units inspected annually by a government agency such as the Housing Authority or HUD are exempt. Granny units where the owner lives on the property are exempt. Roommate situations are not within the scope of the program.
  • Who can I call if I have questions? You can contact Chief Building Official Oscar Diaz at 209-571-5885

What does the program require?

The program will require property owners to ensure basic safety items such as:
  • Hot and cold running water
  • Electrical power (No generators)
  • Heat
  • Functioning sewer system
  • Safe entry door
  • Safe exits
  • No mold or other infestations
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Functioning Mechanical Systems
  • Properly Functioning Windows
  • Water heaters properly secured
  • Address numbers legible from the street
  • Stairways in good condition
  • Roofs free of tarps