Inside Modesto Police Department


The mission of the Modesto Police Department is to drive the crime rate down and improve the quality of life in the city of Modesto. 


The city of Modesto is a safe place to live, work and play. 
We proactively enforce laws, develop long-term solutions to problems and engage in crime prevention in partnership with the community.

The Modesto Police Department is a leader in Intelligence-Led Policing.
We maximize the use of technology, innovative ideas and crime analysis in the deployment of our resources.

The Modesto Police Department is a learning organization.
We constantly strive to excel and grow by learning from our experiences, tactics, and careful examination of events in the public and private sectors. We embrace new ideas and concepts to provide safety and service to our community.

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan is a single guiding document that identifies the organization’s priorities and represents our vision for the future.  We encourage you to review our Strategic Plan initiatives, which reaffirm our commitment to proactively and responsively provide police services that enhance safety and the quality of life in the city of Modesto.

Strategic Plan 2016-2018