Support Division

The dedicated employees of the Support Division work hard each and every day to provide critical behind the scenes support that allows our officers and detectives to have the best training and equipment available to fight crime and improve the quality of life in Modesto. In addition to complimenting the Operations and Investigative Services Divisions, another core function of the Support Division is to recruit and hire personnel of all classifications; sworn and professional staff.

The Support Division is led by a Police Civilian Executive and the core functions of the division are managed by a Police Lieutenant and a Police Civilian Manager.  
A Police Lieutenant oversees the day to day operations of the following units:
  • Personnel and Training Unit
  • Background Unit
  • Administrative Services Unit
  • Parking Enforcement Unit
  • Telephone Reporting Unit

A Police Civilian Manager oversees the day to day operations of the following units:

  • Records Unit
  • Animal Control Unit
  • Property and Evidence Unit
  • Information and Technology Unit

Records Unit

Our Records Unit is responsible for processing tens of thousands of police reports, phone calls, and walk-in traffic at the Department. They work with our Telephone Reporting Unit who handles phone reports, online reports and reports made at the Department.

Personnel and Training Unit

The Personnel and Training Unit is responsible for the on-going recruitment and selection of personnel as well as coordinating training for over 300 department employees.  This unit also oversees the various youth related programs, such as the Wake-Up and Juvenile Diversion programs. 

Tactical Training Center

The Sergeant Burl G. Condit Modesto Police Department Tactical Training Center is primarily a firearms training facility for department personnel, but the property also provides facilities for equestrian and K-9 training.  Our department takes pride in making the facility available to other law enforcement agencies throughout Stanislaus County.

Property and Evidence Unit

The Property and Evidence Unit receives and preserves thousands of criminal evidence items each year.  The current storage of the facility is in excess of 100,000 pieces of property and evidence.  The assigned unit personnel are responsible for the chain of custody of each item as well as preparing those items for court proceedings.

Information Technology

The Information Technology unit consists of highly skilled hardware and software experts. As technology continues to become a force multiplier for field personnel, the staff of this unit are responsible for the upkeep of the various systems that department personnel rely upon on a daily basis.  The unit is also tasked with maintaining hundreds of desktop and mobile computers, phones, tablets, and software applications while always protecting the systems from outside attacks and meeting state and federal security standards.  

Animal Control

The Animal Control Unit consists of three Animal Control Officers and one Animal Control Supervisor.  The unit handles animal related issues and enforcement of related municipal and criminal statutes.  Members of this unit also provide on-going education regarding the responsible ownership of pets.