Carpenter Road Landfill Mitigation Project

Carpenter Road Landfill - PictureDates

Project Start Date

September 2018

Anticipated End Date



Carpenter Road Landfill, at South Carpenter Road and Robertson Road


Carpenter Road Landfill Fund

Strategic Commitment

Providing a Vibrant Infrastructure & Sustainable Environment

Project Summary

The City of Modesto Public Works Solid Waste Division manages the Carpenter Road Landfill Mitigation Project, mandated by the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board to enact clean closure of the eastern landfill and final cover of the western landfill.

Project Description

The Carpenter Road Landfill Mitigation Project required the City to excavate the waste from the eastern landfill and relocate to the western landfill; this phase of the project was completed in 2021. The next phase of the project involves re-installing water monitoring wells, adding fencing, slope protection, road work, and post closure reporting. On the western landfill, a final cap was installed and the area was hydroseeded. Monitoring, in compliance with the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) and the State’s water board, has been conducted throughout the project.  Total cost of the project to date is approximately $7 million.