Parts Room Expansion

Parts Room ExpansionDates

Project Start Date

August 2020

Anticipated End Date



1609 8th Street, Modesto


Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant and Fleet Facility Funds

Strategic Commitment

Providing a Vibrant Infrastructure & Sustainable Environment

Project Summary

Fleet Services is currently divided into two buildings with two parts storage locations, including one that is on a second story.  This parts room will add the additional parts storage required for all shops and provide and connection between the neighboring building for streamlined labor sharing

Project Description

This project consists of a pre-fabricated metal building that will be attached to the east side of the current Bus Maintenance Facility (BMF).  This building will primarily be additional vehicle and equipment parts storage that will double our storage capacity.  This building will also serve as an interconnection between the current BMF and the new Heavy Duty Shop Expansion.  This interconnection will not only serve as the pathway for employees and their tools to travel from shop to shop, but also a connection of services such as electrical, air, lubricants as well as sharing restrooms and breakroom space.  This sharing of services allowed the Heavy Duty Shop Expansion to be built at a very reasonable price to the taxpayers