Housing Plan

florsheim vintage Icon development aerial photograph of graded land and construction.

The City of Modesto is creating a Housing Plan to establish a vision for the future of Modesto's residential neighborhoods, and for expanded housing opportunities throughout Modesto.

The Housing Plan is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for Modesto to define living options for its  current and future residents. Guided by community feedback throughout the process, the Housing Plan will inform the City’s long-term planning and policy decisions and promote greater housing, diversity and opportunities.

The planning process will occur using an innovative and engaging approach as outlined below.

Our Approach to Planning for Future Housing in Modesto

Analyze Land Characteristics and Identify Future Housing Sites

This process helps to identify appropriate candidate locations for new residential development.  “Testing” of various housing product types on sites with different shapes and sizes will help assess the viability and practicality of potential development.  It includes creation of three-dimensional visualizations, offering examples of what the community would like to see built.  Financial feasibility analysis and zoning recommendations will also be explored and evaluated.

Community Engagement to Better Plan and Design Future Housing Sites

City of Modesto staff want to hear from all interested parties, stakeholders and underrepresented communities to ensure their needs and desires are heard.  Staff has developed a list of key local housing advocates and community members who will have an opportunity to make their views known early in the process.  These people and organizations will be encouraged to spread the word about the Housing Plan to help engage the broadest range of people possible.

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