Redistricting Survey

Help shape the future of City of Modesto’s City Council Districts

The City of Modesto’s Citizens’ Districting Commission is currently redistricting the City Council boundaries, and they are looking for your input. Every ten years, U.S. Census data is used to redraw district boundaries, and the redistricting process is intended to help ensure the districts are balanced for changes in population. The Citizen’s Districting Commission wants to hear from you on how these boundaries should be drawn.

Please complete this survey to tell the Citizens’ Districting Commission about your community of interest – keeping communities of interest together is a critical for the redistricting process.

What is a Community of Interest?

A Community of Interest is a group of people in the same geographically definable area who share common social and economic interests. Some examples of Communities of Interest are:

  • Senior citizens
  • LGBTQIA+ communities
  • College students living near campus
  • People who live downtown or in a neighborhood
  • Neighborhoods
  • Residents who share a common language
  • People who use the same transportation systems

Moreover, the criteria to consider when describing your community of interest shall include details on one or more of the following criteria:

  • Shared culture, characteristics, or bond
  • Geography and density – is your community able to be mapped?
  • Consideration for your community’s relationship with the city

District Boundaries Community Feedback Survey

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Stay Involved

Attend one of the City of Modesto’s Citizens’ Districting Commission public meetings and workshops to continue to stay engaged throughout the process. View the calendar of upcoming meetings.