Live Scan Fingerprinting

The Modesto Police Department provides this service to the general public by appointment only. Before the applicant can be fingerprinted, they must have the following:
  • A Live Scan form provided by their employer
  • A photo identification


The Modesto Police Department charges a fee of $10. This fee is only for the fingerprinting services provided by the Modesto Police Department. There may be additional fees (see below).

Other Fees

Some employers choose to have the Department of Justice bill them at the end of the month. If an employer has chosen this method of payment there will be a Billing Number on your Live Scan form. If the Billing Number field has been completed by your employer you will only be charged the Modesto Police Department's $10 fee.

If the Billing Number field is left blank - you will be charged fees indicated by the Live Scan machine in addition to the Modesto Police Department's $10 fee. The fees are based on your new employer’s AORI # (located on the upper left hand corner of your Live Scan form) and the type of service indicated on your form - Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, or CHILD (these fields are typically located near the bottom of the Live Scan form on the right hand side).


Cash or Business Check only - make checks payable to "City of Modesto."


Monday - Thursday by appointment only.

Phone Numbers

Please call 209-572-9659 for an appointment. If you are an employer and need to fax a form, please send it to 209-523-4082.


The Modesto Police Department only fingerprints at one location - 600 10th Street, the corner of 10th and G Streets, in Modesto. The location information listed for Modesto Police on any other website is erroneous.

If you would like background checks for potential employees you will need to contact the Department of Justice to set up a Live Scan account.

DOJ Live Scan

  • Requests for Authorization: 916-227-3460
  • ORI Requests and Follow-Up: 916-227-3829
  • Public Schools: 916-227-3836
  • Applicant Agencies to Get Forms: 916-227-3458