Cannabis Equity Program

About the Program Assessment

The City of Modesto has started a Cannabis Equity Assessment effort to gather data on the people and neighborhoods disproportionately marginalized by prior cannabis criminalization policies. The primary means of collecting this data will be an online survey and a series of Community Orientations. 

Community Orientations

This page will showcase the various updates about the evolution of the program and also provide you with updates on how you can participate.  

  • The first Community Orientation is scheduled for June 17, 2022, 6 PM to 7 PM, at the King-Kennedy Center at 601 S Martin Luther King Dr., Modesto CA 95351
  • The second Community Orientation is scheduled for July 21, 2022, 6 PM to 7 PM, at the Christ Unity Baptist Church at 1320 L Street, Modesto CA 95354.


Responses to the survey and information gained from the community orientations will help the City of Modesto develop a social equity program designed to remove barriers to entry into the legal cannabis business for people and communities most impacted by the criminalization of cannabis. 

The objectives of the survey and community orientations are: 

  • Collect baseline information enabling the City of Modesto to develop a database of individuals and neighborhoods and the negative impacts they have sustained from cannabis-related convictions based on self-identifying characteristics.
  • Identify individuals willing to share life experiences that support the need for a cannabis equity program.
  • Establish a basis for the change in impact (equity assessment) and outcome (program development) indicators between baseline and final evaluations.
  • Improve the understanding of constraints and challenges faced by target participants, i.e., barriers to business ownership in the legal cannabis market.

We encourage you to take the survey and attend the first Community Orientation Event.

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