AB 1826: Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling (Food Scraps & Yard Trimmings)

AB 1826 Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling Compliance Form

  1. Does your business currently generate organic waste?

    Organic waste is defined as: food waste, green waste, landscape and pruning waste, nonhazardous wood waste, and food-soiled paper/cardboard. Multi-family units must arrange for recycling services for the same material with the exception of food waste and food-soiled paper/cardboard. Most organic waste is recyclable through methods such as composting, mulching, aerobic digestion and donation of edible food waste.

  2. Does your business currently have any type of organic recycling in place?
  3. Organic materials are as follows (Check all that Apply)

    Note: Food waste is comprised of edible and inedible food waste. California and the federal government encourage rescuing/donating food waste for human consumption before recycling it for other purposes.

  4. Organic materials processed as follows (Check all that Apply)*
  5. Acknowledgement

    Since April 1, 2016, businesses have been required to recycle organic waste based on the amount of trash generated per state law (AB 1826). If you need assistance in complying with this law, please contact the City of Modesto Solid Waste Division at (209) 577-5495 within 30 days of receipt of this letter to request assistance in developing your program. Our goal is 100% compliance and we are here to provide information and guidance. 

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