Container Inspections

Route Reviews

The City of Modesto performs random route reviews throughout the City.  A route review consists of City employees flipping the lid of the container and checking throughout the container for contamination.

Contaminated Containers

Contaminated containers are tagged and customers are instructed to clean out the container and call the City to perform a re-inspection.  Contamination of a container may interrupt the servicing of a container and containers lead to Administrative fines.   

Container Tags

If you receive a tag on your container, please follow these steps to have your container inspected and service resumed.

  1. Removing the contaminated material and place it in the correct container.  
  2. Call the City to schedule an inspection on your container.  
  3. On the day of your inspection, place the containers out at 7 A.M. as you would for service, an inspector will stop by to confirm that the container is no longer contaminated.

If the container passes inspection, you will receive a green tag on the container and the hauler will be informed that the container is ready to service on the next service day.  

Note: If the container remains contaminated, a red tag will be placed on the container and is subject to Administrative fines.